Bitcoin Fan Jack Dorsey Takes Kendrick Lamar’s Side in Drake Beef

Bitcoin Fan Jack Dorsey Takes Kendrick Lamar’s Side in Drake Beef

Twitter co-founder and Bitcoin champion Jack Dorsey appears to have found his next cause: backing rap superstar Kendrick Lamar’s ongoing and relentless lyrical crusade against hip-hop hitmaker Drake. 

On Twitter over the last few days, Dorsey has repeatedly supported Lamar—whose long-simmering beef with Drake bubbled over last week into all-out war, when both artists began trading diss tracks online. 

“Truth vs lies,” Dorsey wrote this week in support of Lamar, reposting “Meet the Grahams,” one of the rapper’s new Drake-slamming songs. Former Twitter CEO Dorsey has also reposted several other tweets of Lamar’s in recent days, in addition to a meme mocking Drake.


Drake and Lamar, who collaborated earlier in their music careers, have been on a collision course for years. Their feud escalated in October, when another rapper, J. Cole, released a song referring to himself, Drake, and Lamar as modern rap’s “Big Three.” Last month, Lamar dismissed the assertion in a new song “Like That”: “Motherfuck the big three, n****, it’s just big me.”

Soon thereafter, Lamar and Drake then began swiping at each other more directly in their music, with tension building steadily until last week—when Lamar burst the doors on the feud wide open. 

In several diss tracks released in rapid succession, the Compton-born, Pulitzer Prize winning rapper shot a flurry of barbed allegations at Drake—most of which we probably can’t repeat here, so just listen for yourselves:

Suffice to say, Drake, who is active in the crypto space as an investor in crypto casino Stake, didn’t take kindly to being likened to P. Diddy or Jeffrey Epstein, though he said he expected Lamar to take the “Epstein angle.”

The Toronto-born pop star has subsequently responded with multiple musical rebuttals—which have largely consisted of him denying Lamar’s allegations of his, er, “unsubstantiated claims of sexual preferences,” as The New York Times put it. He also sent some tough allegations right back at Lamar, including some involving Kendrick’s fiancée Whitney Alford. You can listen to that here:

Dorsey’s posts about the feud mark something of a homecoming to Twitter—after the entrepreneur largely abandoned the site after Elon Musk’s takeover of it in 2022. Since then, Dorsey has favored decentralized social media platforms like Nostr, which he has financially supported, and Bluesky, which he helped found.

On Saturday, however, Dorsey revealed that he is no longer on Bluesky’s board. That same day, he warmly referred to Twitter as “freedom technology.”

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