Chiliz (CHZ): Italy and Argentina Launch Exclusive Digital Collectibles to Celebrate Championship Legacies

Chiliz (CHZ): Italy and Argentina Launch Exclusive Digital Collectibles to Celebrate Championship Legacies

Italy and Argentina, the reigning European and South American champions respectively, have announced the launch of an exclusive series of digital collectibles titled ‘The Fabric of Champions,’ according to Chiliz (CHZ).

Engaging Fans Through Digital Collectibles

As both teams prepare to defend their titles in Germany and the United States,, the Fan Token partner for the Italian and Argentinian Football Federations, aims to bring fans closer to the action. The new initiative allows fans to feel more involved during this historic period by offering them a chance to own digital memorabilia rooted in the teams’ rich histories.

The Fabric of Champions series includes four categories of digital collectibles, each reflecting different aspects of the teams’ legacies and requiring various numbers of Fan Tokens to unlock:

Classic — The Present: These collectibles are inspired by the kits the teams will use in the upcoming championships. Each team’s supply is limited to 2,000 units, requiring 5 Fan Tokens to claim.
Bronze — The Future: These envision the next evolution of the teams’ home kits, reimagined through artificial intelligence. Limited to 1,000 units per team, they require 10 Fan Tokens.
Silver — The Past: Inspired by tournament-winning kits from recent competitions, these are limited to 750 units per team and require 15 Fan Tokens.
Gold — The Legendary: Based on iconic kits from historic events, these collectibles are the rarest, with only 300 units per team, requiring 50 Fan Tokens.


Locking Fan Tokens for Rewards

Fan Token holders can lock their tokens until July 15th, with the locking period ending on August 15th. Users can choose between two Locker Room options on

Locked Locker: Users receive digital collectibles automatically but cannot unlock their Fan Tokens until the end of the locking period.
Flexible Locker: Users receive their digital collectibles at the end of the locking period if they haven’t unlocked their Fan Tokens during the campaign.

Locking Fan Tokens grants them untradable status, preventing their sale until the end of the period. However, tokens can still be used to engage with the team and earn Reward Points through various fan engagement features on

Bridging Digital and Physical Fan Engagement

“We’re extremely excited to present ‘The Fabric of Champions’ collection, which is special for a number of different reasons,” said Gilbert Camilleri, Chief Marketing Officer for Chiliz and “It combines meaningful elements for football fans—victories, iconic moments, and memorabilia—while merging the digital and physical worlds by adding real-life utility to digital assets.”

Camilleri added that fans will be able to earn rewards through their engagement, enhancing the excitement of this summer’s championships.

The Locker Room feature, launched in September 2023, has quickly gained popularity on, with more than 40,000 digital collectibles claimed so far., powered by Chiliz, is a pioneering tokenized fan engagement and rewards platform used by over 80 sporting organizations worldwide. All Fan Tokens are minted on the Chiliz Chain, a blockchain specifically designed for the needs of sports and entertainment brands. The $CHZ token serves as the governance token for the Chiliz Chain and the in-app currency for

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