XRP Attorney Slams SEC, Calls for Immediate Resignation of Gensler


Prominent pro-XRP attorney John Deaton has demanded that US Securities and Exchange Commission Chairman Gary Gensler step down in the wake of many high-profile court disputes and growing disapproval of the SEC’s regulatory strategy under Gensler’s direction.

Deaton’s Criticism Of Gensler Intensifies

Deaton has been a vocal critic of the SEC’s strategy, particularly highlighting its actions against companies like Ripple, LBRY, and Coinbase. He contends that the SEC’s relentless pursuit of Ripple executives Brad Garlinghouse and Chris Larsen exemplifies a harmful and antagonistic regulatory stance that could have long-lasting negative impacts on the industry.

Furthermore, Deaton has participated as amicus curiae in these cases, arguing that the SEC’s methods under Gensler’s tenure have been overbearing and detrimental to the development of the growing digital asset industry.

The SEC’s strategy for implementing and upholding securities regulations in the digital asset market is the main topic of discussion. The SEC has filed a number of enforcement proceedings to maintain that it has regulatory authority over certain digital assets because they are securities.


This strategy has resulted in multiple lawsuits, which has had a big influence on the laws regulating cryptocurrency markets.

The tipping point for Deaton’s public outcry was a recent ruling where the SEC was fined $1.75 million for misleading conduct in the Debt Box case. This decision has cast a spotlight on the SEC’s enforcement tactics, which Deaton and others in the crypto community argue are excessively aggressive and financially damaging.

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Call For SEC Leadership Change

One of the most contentious points has been the SEC’s handling of the LBRY case. Deaton claims that SEC representatives publicly stated their intention to cripple LBRY with legal fees, a revelation that has sparked widespread outrage within the crypto community. This, he argues, is indicative of a broader pattern of bad faith actions designed to stifle innovation and exert undue pressure on crypto firms.

The SEC’s efforts against other crypto groups have also been controversial, in addition to the Debt Box case. For instance, Ripple Labs and the classification of its XRP token as a security have become entangled in a legal dispute.

In his call for leadership change, Deaton has not only demanded Gensler’s resignation but has also proposed a successor: Chris Giancarlo, the former Chairman of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC). Giancarlo, known for his more progressive and innovation-friendly approach to cryptocurrency regulation, is seen by Deaton as the ideal candidate to lead the SEC towards a more balanced and supportive regulatory framework.

The debate over how digital assets should be regulated is intensifying, with critics like Deaton arguing that the SEC’s current approach is unpredictable and harmful. They believe a shift in leadership is necessary to foster a more conducive environment for the growth of the crypto market.

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